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TESTIMONIALS – The completion of PGCert1

“I really recommend Henley’s Post Graduate Programme in Board Practice and Directorship for anyone who wants to develop as a member in the executive board or as non-executive board members.”
“I would recommend Post Graduate Programme in Board Practice and Directorship for anyone that has this ambition to once become a professional board member, which is an emerging perspective in Romania, a well needed one. I would recommend this programme from Henley Business School together with Envisia Boards of Elite to be the next stop for any executive or a practicing board member [non-executive] that really wants to make a profession out of this.“
“For me, what is unique about Henley’s Postgraduate Programme in Board Practice and Directorship is the fact that it is the first program worldwide designed specifically for people fulfilling the role of Board Director.“
“I’m strongly supporting the development of Henley’s Post Graduate Programme in Board Practice and Directorship and I hope this is going to go forward and increase its visibility and presence in the local market. It was an opportunity for us to meet internationally recognized teachers which delivered us expertise, learnings, teachings certificated at global scale. I want to say that what impresses me mostly is the touch of reality, the fact that we did not discussed only about theoretical things, we were discussing about how do they apply into the life, into realities of a board activity.”
What a programme! I don’t even know what to mention first: the outstanding Henley academics or the full-hearted Envisia Team who had so much energy for us and put all the efforts to make things happen! Also, for me, it has been quite impressive to see so much up-to-date knowledge, considering the current trends in the world and not only. This is indeed an amazing programme! With all the experience that I have had and the practical angles from my jobs and directorship responsibilities, this has managed to bring new perspectives.”
The programme encouraged debates and governance literature questioning by placing us in many business cases inspired from real life-which was the most fascinated learning I have experienced. The development of my skills regarding  “context” awareness and engagement capabilities would not have been possible without the directions and insights from professors.

During the Programme I enjoyed the wonderful feeling of reconfirming my strengths and capabilities  while a working on my weaknesses as well.

Envisia is well on its way of growing and elite community of professionals, board directors, thought  education, board effectiveness and assessment.

“I am a true believer of professional and personal development through continuous learning, and this Programme helped me achieve both. Whether you have an entrepreneurial background or you come from the advisory side of the business, this program offers something valuable for everyone.”