Unconventional leadership in unconventional crises



Facilitator: Anca Sigartau, PhD

Acress, Theater director and professor, Drama and Theatre Arts department at universities in USA and Romania

Anca Sigartau, PhD is a Romanian actress, theater director, play writer, musician and drama professor. She holds a PhD in Performing Arts, a Master Degree in Theater Directing and a Bachelor in Arts from the National University of Theater and Film I.L. Caragiale Bucharest. She studied classical piano and canto at George Enescu Music Academy Bucharest. As an actress, Anca won various awards, such as: Best actress –Young actors Gala; Best comedy actress (for Puck/A midsummer night’s dream) – Critic’s Awards; Best performance – Augusta, Georgia, United States (for The Forces of Light); Best performance – I want to be an actress at Undercloud Independent Theater Festival; Composition Jury Award – Mamaia Music Festival. She also has an extensive experience as a professor of Drama and Theater Arts at universities in USA and Romania.

Unusual times call for unusual leadership!

An adaptive and positive leadership determines the success of a company during times of crisis, such as the complex, multi-dimensional Corona Pandemic, as well as the recovery in the aftermath of the crisis.

The course proposes an unconventional approach to build the new facets of the leadership

Good Leaders - Good Actors

Good leaders need to be proficient in what’s called situational leadership. What does leadership truly means? Well, plain and simple, it means having the skills and understanding to assess the scenario you’re facing. Actually, an efficient leader will be a superstar for his team. A good performer.

“Theatre is the mirror up to nature” (William Shakespeare[1] from Hamlet)

This is the starting point – and perhaps the magic formula that can give us the ability to understand both: theatre and reality… .This is the basic of my unconventional leadership course. Consists of mirroring “nature” in theatre, understanding “nature” with theatre’s tools – in our case, mirroring the human nature and our way of being in a new field of action – the leadership. Translate this into business language – which I am sure you’re all too familiar with, and this is what you’ll get: the ability to turn our actions into a successful way of leading. The reaching goal is to offer an image of what our actions may impact and how it can improve our reality. 

An unconventional leadership course is about using the specific acting tools to increase your leadership skills in an attractive way. How to empower your speech in order to obtain a bigger impact? How to think your strategy in order to make a difference? 

Good leaders are good actors because they know how to adapt their leadership style. They can mask fear, panic and worry with a great sense of self-confidence both in themselves as well as in those they must inspire and motivate. Ironic but true, good acting is one of the strategies good leaders use to communicate with credibility, build trust among their people and motivate others.

Good actors know that when it comes to delivering a message, 7 percent of it is the content of the message itself, 38 percent is your tone of voice and 55 percent is about the visual presentation, which includes a self-confident persona. Therefore, how you sound, look and carry yourself makes up 93 percent of what goes into being an effective communicator—a critical component to leadership success.Good leaders possess key characteristics that are, essentially, the qualities of a great leader. In addition to confidence, there are other attributes of leadership, including clear vision, integrity, empathy, sense of humor, humility, passion, courage, style and the ability to recognize potential in others, develop trust and encourage excellence.

Learning Outcomes / What we aim to achieve

  • Ways of improving the impact of your actions
  • The management of emotions
  • A high-level vision – a true connection
  • Being a good “detective”
  • The right mindset, the right tools, the right skills in a perfect time
  • Creating a dream-team
  • Impact

Target audience: top and middle managers, team leaders, business owners


  • Characters and Language: studying different types and ways of characterizations, body language, masque, roles
  • Imaginary, Developing Imagination and creativity: the best leaders worldwide are the creative ones. Creativity is about courage. Finding new inner mechanisms for exploring new paths, the one you ignored because the formal education taught you is not the common path for everybody.
  • Ways of Creating and Developing a Dream-Team: a good leader will make a good “cast” and a good cast will make great performances. Improvisation games – characters – situations.

The webinars will be highly interactive, based on discussions and examples.

Target Audience: Top and middle managers, team leaders, business owners 

Number of participants: limited to max. 12

The webinars will be hosted and delivered using ENVISIA Online Platform, allowing the virtual participation, both from home or from work, with no risks associated, using just a browser. After the registration to the course, one day before the webinars took place, the participants will receive a link to access the virtual classroom.

Duration: 4 hours (net)                                                       

Language: Romanian (or English at request)

A certificate  will be issued by the e-learning platform, after the course.

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