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ENVISIA: The First Business School in Romania for Board Directors
For Responsible Corporate Governance

Our Team
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Core purpose

Envisia sets to be a cradle for Responsible Business Leadership practiced in corporate governance.

This responsibility starts with education and ends with ethics. Or vice versa.
We believe that the ultimate leadership education has two layers of major impact:

  • A first layer of personal development – to simply become better humans.
  • A second layer that goes beyond business and yields social growth, mentalities evolution and infuses positively society as a holistic ecosystem.

We set to fuel them both.



Integrity is maybe the most over-claimed and under-delivered of business values.
It seems embedded in our intimate fiber as humans and yet so hard to maintain throughout life and business practice.
Integrity, for us, is a compass that guides each and every of our choices and in the same time a reputational consequence of our deeds.
We set to be true to our promises, authentic in our endeavors and simply well intended.
Integrity is ultimately about being un-split: it is the most uncompromising of values, as it cannot hold half measure.
Either it is or it is not.
We set for integrity, full stop.



Corporate governances well as state governance traverse paradigm shifts.
Accountability, transparency and truthfulness proved to become of paramount importance in the last years.
We set to educate and engender a climate of responsibility in leadership endeavors for the sanity and sustainability of our business environment.
Ultimately, businesses exist to add value in humans and society.
So yes, we believe in stakeholders value, more than in shareholders value.


Business leaders are human beings, and this is a recent discovery in the science of management.
True leaders seem to be themselves catalysts of other people’s growth rather than infallible warships.
Modern leadership seems to be about the power to empower people and harvest the best in them.
We, at Envisia, we act to enrich the endless potential of the humans-behind-leaders.



Knowledge is no longer a matter of technical endowment or pure competence, but a matter of heartfelt relations, cultivated intuitions and a refined ability to share value.
It’s behavioral competence we want to nurture through our curricula, partnerships and network of alumni.
“Hard” and “soft” in the right dosage co-create better business realities; extensive and intensive knowledge seem to grow better together.
In the right fertile soils we know that people grow other people.
Excellence is not an act, but a habit, Aristotle said.
We reached a point in time where leadership excellence became an onus and a legacy.


Status quo is usually seen as a given.
We set instead to look at it as our daily molding clay.
Management principles and practices change as we speak, on the cusp of our new contemporary era.
Technology, digitalization, virtualization, ubiquity and transparency are the bricks of our Lego. We cannot rest on the comfortable, but we carve out new and functional truths that will help executives and leaders keep the rhythm and even stay ahead of their times.
With this zest for unrest we bring our heroic side to this world.



Envisia’s mission in Romania is to:

  1. Elevate C-suite and NEDs, providing expertise and inspiration for their professional and personal evolution needs;
  2. Induce betterment in corporate governance practice, preparing it for the contemporary pace of unchartered challenges;
  3. Equip boards with concrete tools to build sustainable value in businesses and society;
  4. Foster an exclusive but vibrant network of alumni that will add value to individual careers, businesses and communities.

To fulfill each and every of these goals, we commit to:

  1. Grant access to evaluation/screening services as well as mentoring services by reputed Romanian and international mentors. 
  2. Define a reference code of corporate governance that represents our values and guiding principles.
  3. Foster partnership with prestige business education entities from around the world.
  4. Keep a sharp eye on the soft skills infusion in our curricula to balance and complement technical expertise.
  5. Organize alumni events that will keep networking functional and fruitful.