Envisia brings along high profile, experienced and dynamic trainers, experts in their field, with unique real-life experience and case studies to the agenda. Given their mix of business expertise and field-based research, they will engage you in memorable learning experience


Prof. Andrew Kakabadse
Prof. Andrew KakabadseChairman of Henley Directorate, Henley Business School
Adrian Baciu, PhD
Adrian Baciu, PhDInternational Consultant, Presenter, Trainer
Adrian Codîrlașu, PhD, CFA
Adrian Codîrlașu, PhD, CFAPresenter, Trainer, Associate Professor, VP CFA & AAFBR, member of ACI
Adrian Florea
Adrian FloreaSenior Partner, Business Advisory
Adriana Lobda, FCCA
Adriana Lobda, FCCAStrategy & Development Director Founding Member, Envisia
Alice Tulbure, ACI, ATR
Alice Tulbure, ACI, ATRPresenter/Trainer - Senior Derivatives Sales Dealer, BRD-GSG, member of ACI, member of ATR
Anca Dragu, PhD
Anca Dragu, PhDConsultant, Presenter, Trainer
Anca Iftime
Anca IftimePresenter/Trainer - Senior Private Banker, First Bank, member of ACI Romania
Anca Sigartau, PhD
Anca Sigartau, PhDActress at L.S. BULANDRA THEATER and drama professor
Angela Rosca, MBA
Angela Rosca, MBAManaging Partner, TAXHOUSE
Bogdan Musat
Bogdan MusatProject, Program Manager and Cyber Security Expert
Bruce Gahir, CIMA
Bruce Gahir, CIMAInternational Presenter/Trainer, Board Member of the ACCA Global Ethics Forum
Carmen Ciucă, ACI, FCCA
Carmen Ciucă, ACI, FCCA Presenter/Trainer – Capital Markets Product Management, Raiffeisen Bank Romania, member of ACI Romania
Carmen Micu, EMBA, Chair IASE
Carmen Micu, EMBA, Chair IASECEO, Founding Member, Envisia
Carmen Lipara, PhD
Carmen Lipara, PhDConsultant, Presenter, Trainer - Manager, Valuation, Modelling and Economics, Big4, member of AAFBR
Chris Ansell, CFA
Chris Ansell, CFAInternational Finance Consultant, CFA Instructor
Cristina Balan
Cristina BalanManaging Partner of CSR BootIQ
Cristina Belba
Cristina Belba International Presente, Trainer – EU Funds Expert
Daniel Marius Staicu
Daniel Marius StaicuPresenter, Trainer, Evaluator MONEYVAL Committee CoE
Daniela Ropota, CIIA
Daniela Ropota, CIIAPresenter, Trainer, Consultant, Senior Associate Valuation, Modeling and Economics, Big4, President of AAFBR
Doina Patrubani, MBA
Doina Patrubani, MBAChange Management & Transition Consultant
Gabriela Hârțescu, PhD
Gabriela Hârțescu, PhDDean & Chief Operating Officer of Envisia-Boards of Elite
George Turtoi
George TurtoiPresenter/Trainer – EU Funds Expert, Director ARIF
Ionut Corduneanu
Ionut CorduneanuManaging Partner, ICSS Ltd
Ionut Stoica - Head of Cybercrime Academy, CEPOL
Ionut Stoica - Head of Cybercrime Academy, CEPOLHead of Cybercrime Academy, CEPOL
 Johan Winbladh, PhD
Johan Winbladh, PhDInternational Trainer, Speaker, MBA Instructor
Laurel Herman
Laurel HermanCEO and Lead at POSITIVE PRESENCE
Luminita Daneti, MBA
Luminita Daneti, MBAConsultant, Trainer, MBA Instructor
Laurentiu Mihailescu, PhD
Laurentiu Mihailescu, PhDInternational Consultant, Presenter, Trainer - Senior Expert Treasury & ALM, Big4
Madalina Dorila, EMBA
Madalina Dorila, EMBA Presenter/Trainer, Head of Lending Dept – Corporate Products, BCR
Madalin Rosu, PhD
Madalin Rosu, PhDBoard Member Omniasig VIG, President of BAAR
Mihaela-Corina Bouleanu
Mihaela-Corina BouleanuCompliance Executive Director, OTP Bank Romania
Mirela Paunescu, PhD, FCCA, CIA
Mirela Paunescu, PhD, FCCA, CIAConsultant, Trainer, MBA & ACCA Instructor
Mihaela Stoica, ICA, ACI
Mihaela Stoica, ICA, ACICEO Intercapital Invest SA, member of AAFBR
Mihai Caruntu
Mihai CaruntuPresenter/Trainer, Senior Analyst Corporate Finance Division, BRD – GSG, member of AAFBR
Mihai Purcarea, CFA
Mihai Purcarea, CFAMember in AAF Board of Directors, Board Member of CFA Society Romania
Mihai Stan, FCCA
Mihai Stan, FCCAPresenter, Trainer, Expert Banking Resolution, NBR, member of AAFBR
Mona Opran
Mona OpranBusiness Transformation Consultant
Prof. Nada Korac Kakabadse
Prof. Nada Korac KakabadseProfessor of Policy, Governance and Ethics, Henley Business School
Dr. Nadeem Khan, PhD
Dr. Nadeem Khan, PhDProgram Director of the MA Board Practice and Directorship, Henley Business School
Narcisa Oprea
Narcisa OpreaPartner at Schoenherr
Oana Ciornei
Oana CiorneiManaging Partner Amrop Romania & Global Amrop University Lead
Owen Fernandes, PhD
Owen Fernandes, PhDPersonal & Leadership Development Coach, International MBA Instructor, Speaker, Trainer
Simona Fatu
Simona FatuNon-executive Director
Steve Willis, FCCA
Steve Willis, FCCA International Trainer, Consultant, Presenter, MBA Instructor
Vlad Voicu, PhD, CFA, ACI
Vlad Voicu, PhD, CFA, ACIFixed Income Trader, Raiffeisen Bank Romania, Member of ACI Romania