ENVISIA Online Round Table: “Leading from the Chair”

//ENVISIA Online Round Table: “Leading from the Chair”

ENVISIA Online Round Table: “Leading from the Chair”

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ENVISIA  Boards of Elite proudly announces the Online Round Table: “Leading from the Chair”. The event was online, on the 14th of May, having as guest panelists prestigious Chairs from leading industries:

  • Mr. Radu Hanga, President Of The Board Of Directors at Bucharest Stock Exchange
  • Mr. Teofil Muresan, Chairman of Board of Directors E-INFRA (Electrogrup Infrastructure SA)
  • Mr. Valentin Radu, Chairman of The Board of Directors, Electrica S.A.

 The event was moderated by Prof. Andrew Kakabadse and tackled main questions around the challenges of Leading from the Chair:

– How does the Chair integrate the pursuit of competitive advantage with the board and the management whilst attending to their environmental and social responsibilities? What are the consequences of not, or not effectively, doing so?

– How does the Chair go about delineating their duties and responsibilities from that of the CEO and in so doing effectively engaging with the executive team in times of crisis?

For those who would like to revisit the event with our distinguished guests, please follow the link:


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